What is all this Night Terrors stuff anyway?

Good question me!

The Night Terrors are the 100% true stories of all the imagined conversations I have with my dogs when ever they get me up in the middle of the night; which is often.  You may ask, why don't you just train your dogs to not disturb you at night? Let me answer that question with a question: What do you do when you need to go pee at night? And yes, I do take them to go pee right before bed every night.

Who are The Night Terrors?

Well, the main offender, in the waking up department is Angus. Angus can pretty much be relied upon to wake me up at least three times a week. Sometimes to go pee, sometimes for a drink, and sometimes just because he is bored.

The second little terror is Walnut. Unlike Angus, Walnut doesn't usually get up at night, except when he has one of his compulsive scratching fits, which he pretty much does a couple times a night. But you said he doesn't usually get up!  Ya-ya-ya.

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